Ground Rules

Working on pleasure… I’ve actually been working on pleasure, ha. That juxtaposition of ideas makes me chuckle. But really.

Recognizing the stuff that brings me joy and then actively seeking out that stuff so its not hard work to be as happy as I want to be

– this is weirdly new to me! Lately, the ground rules for me; my garden has been gettin’ the royal treatment, and giving my plants love has been my #1 self-love practice for the last week or so. One of my favorites is the magnificent wisteria above my bedroom window – she has a strong new trellis and is happily swallowing the front of my house in luxurious purple blooms, and the thrill I feel every time I stop to admire them is honestly pretty outrageous. I mean I fucking love flowers. I realized I’m a remarkably cheap date when it comes to happiness – its pretty much guaranteed that burying my face in soft petals and taking a deep breath of what basically amounts to mystical fairy perfume will leave me with a big stupid smile on my face. I think my veggies might be a little jealous of the regard the wisteria has been getting, so I think its high time I go pay them some attention; don’t worry broccoli, I’m comin’ for ya!


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