Alrighty, self, sit right down here and we’re going to have a little chat. I love you but things just haven’t been working, you’ve really been letting me down, self. Ahhgrmph, error, that not right. What I meant to say is I LOVE YOU, self. I’m changing the dialouge. We need to take a look at the road map and figure out where we want to go, ’cause shit, girl, it’s time to do our thing!

We’ve been trying the ‘leave the self-love in the corner alone and see if it grows’ approach for a while now, and the results could definitely be better, so let’s see how much better.

Here’s the new approach, self: pay attention. It would seem that the amount of positive attention we give us is directly related to how much we value us.  Practice makes perfect, right? By the way, self, I know you can be a little squirrely about these things so I prepared the following list – its pretty short and you could even, oh, I don’t know, keep it on the fridge. Or something.

One – Pay attention at least a little every day to the cultivation and appreciation of self-pleasure (a perfectly fried egg for brekkie, masturbation, having a 10 minute break to drink tea in the sun, skipping checking email for the day, writing these blog posts, you get the idea).

Two – Take a minute to give proper respect to all the ways that we are already really fucking amazing. Really.

Three – Be grateful. Yes it sounds cheesy, but we all know how much easier it is to be happy when we’re looking for things to be happy about, instead of the other way around. Recognizing the good is the essential prerequisite to feeling the good, so get appreciating!

I’m sure of it, self, we might not know where this journey will take us, but this is gonna be good.


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